Rent a drone fleet
for your business

Why rent

Do you need a drone fleet for your business? We are here to provide you with just the right devices for your company’s individual needs. And only for the time you ready need the drones.

Keep your investments low

Keep your costs low by renting drones, rather than buying them. Not only does that safe your company money, you also always have access to the latest drone technology.

We make sure you get the ideal equipment that for your needs. Simply book for the time and duration you need.

This is how it works

Renting your drone fleet with us could not be easier. Finalize your order in a few simple steps directly online and receive your equipment in no time.

Select the equipment you need

Choose the devices that suit you business needs best from our selection. Did not find what you were looking for? Then reach out to us directly.

Choose your preferred time frame

No matter if you need the equipment only for a few weeks, a couple of months or a whole year, we are happy to cater to your needs.

Receive your order within a few days

As soon as your order comes in we will start processing it. You will have the devices at the requested address within just a few days.

Return your rentals fast and easy

We have made the returns as easy as possible for you. Use our return platform to simply print the return slips and hand them over to our delivery partner.

Your benefits

Safe 40% / year

Compared to buying

Fair pricing

the longer you rent, the cheaper it gets

No maintenance

with our full service

Why Choose Us?

Cut costs compared to buying

Enjoy our fully managed service

Receive your orders within a few days

Gain access to the latest drone technology

Choose flexible rental durations

Benefit from our experience in drone management

Our partners

Coverdrone offers bespoke protection for commercial and recreational operators, including full cover whilst in flight, aviation liability, data protection, and invasion of privacy, plus many other additional features. Most importantly, Coverdrone gives you complete peace of mind.

The leading enterprise software platform for scalable data acquisition with drones. Automated flight planning in a 3D interface and support of DJI drones make Drone Harmony the platform of choice for complex inspection and mapping missions.